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Pickup Option: B-BAND

Morris S Series guitars are equipped standard with cutting edge technology B-Band transducer and preamp system.  B-Band transducer uses super thin and sensitive EMFiT film which changes vibration to an electric signal without any loss, and is widely used in the medical field in Europe.  Unlike other piezo pickups, B-Band transducer produces a more natural acoustic sound.

*Optional for some models.


We use “TUSQ” for nut, saddle and bridge pins.  “TUSQ” is the synthetic re-creation of ivory, an ideal material to transmit the true acoustic sound.  Unlike plastic parts, it creates a rich tone and beautiful sustains.

*Luthier made models may be using different materials such as carbon graphite.


We apply a very thin, even coat of finish, then sand and polish carefully.  This process is repeated 4 times in order to achieve a thin and durable finish surface.



In order to obtain perfect intonation even at the higher positions, we set the neck with very low string heights from low position to high position, and made further necessary compensation at the saddle.

String Tension

Because the angle of the neck to the body is sharper, the saddle is 0.06 inch (1.5 mm) higher.  In order to achieve the right string tension, we placed the bridge pins parallel to the saddle.