Welcome to the Official Morris Guitars USA Website!


Welcome to the brand new Morris Guitars USA website!  We will be working hard to add photos and information about all of our current and past models.  Stay tuned!


CAAS show 2011

CAAS show 2011

From Stephen Bennett

The C-131 alto guitar arrived a few minutes ago here in Connecticut.  It is a great guitar.  Thanks very much!  Please give my compliments to the luthier!  (I apologize that I do not remember his name – and I know I have met him two or three times).

Best wishes,

p.s. I know that things will be difficult in Japan for some time still.  My thoughts are often with my many Japanese friends – I hope things get better soon!

Stephen Bennett with C-131 ALTO Nylon strings Morris guitar.

SB & Morris alto 3

Stephen Bennett with C-131 ALTO model.